What are Online Loans and what are their benefits

What are Online Loans?

Thanks to the coverage and scope that new technologies (ICT), companies like loans-n-loans have devised online Loan solutions so that individuals, small businesses and microentrepreneurs within the middle class in the country have access to a quick source of financing, transparent and safe.

To access them you basically need to have the ability to pay, have a personal bank account where you can make the disbursement of money, personal mail, cell phone, not being reported and authorize consultation at credit bureaus.

Is a loan online reliable?

More and more entities offer to finance online quickly and safely, these entities are the best option if you are looking for a convenient and simple way to get a small loan. Unforeseen events occur at the wrong time and with this new methodology, you can now be prepared.

Requesting loans online for many is something new and having money in between is normal to raise the question of whether it is really safe.

You can know the reliability of Internet loan companies taking into account details such as making the request for credit by official means only. In the case of RapiCredit the official media are the page www.rapicredit.com/blog/blog and the Facebook page verified.

What are the benefits of online credits?

Fully transparent processes:

The shopkeeper can access through his cell phone and computer to a simulation of www.rapicredit.com/blog/blog where he can see in real time the date to be paid, the costs and detailed expenses of the credit before requesting it.

Rapid response and disbursement:

We understand that when there is a need for a loan it is sought to be in the shortest time. Therefore at RapiCredit, the response to your request is in seconds and the disbursement time is less than 24 hours. Keep in mind that depending on your bank the money in your account may take a little longer.

Credit history is created:

Rapicredit reports its operations to the credit bureaus, so the shopkeeper can start creating his credit history. This will allow you to access bank loans later.

100% objective evaluation:

The approval of the Online Loans is fully automated and is based on demographics and statistics. The algorithms allow you to make decisions in seconds to approve or reject a credit.

If it’s easy to get it out, it should be easy to pay for it:

Rapicredit has as a policy not to lend more than what the client can pay to not over-indebt it. But the most important thing is that they have many options to facilitate the payment of the credits. Through different means such as PSE, Baloto or banks such as BANCOLOMBIA, CORPBANCA or BBVA.

No credit surveys are charged:

The analysis to study the possibilities of accessing credit is not charged to the shopkeeper. There are NO intermediaries, nor charges in advance.

In order to help shopkeepers and contribute to the development of their profession, Rapicredit joins the entities that, together with the foundation, support the growth of the business by encouraging economic independence.